Tower Hamlets Fairtrade event 2019

 The first weekend in March kicked off in a bright and positive way with a “Community Fairtrade – Cuppa and Cake”.
The event took place in Shadwell’s “Care House” – not too far from the busy Cannonstreet Road and Watney Market. Its purpose was to spread the message about the Fair Trade movement through celebrating international Fair Trade Fortnight which takes place each year in early March.
There was plenty of information provided by the Fair Trade Foundation about fair trade producers around the world as well as facts and figures about how Fair Trading is helping people’s lives by improving their local economies, providing a means to earn a living and connecting local co-operative enterprises with opportunities in international markets. The ‘cake and cuppa’ served lots of homemade cakes all made locally with Fairtrade produce along with Fairtrade tea, coffee,  and juices. Alongside a number of fun quizzes on Fairtrade ‘facts and figures’ the event not only introduced the local community to good quality and ‘ethically’ traded goods but also gave a positive social message which local people could take with them on their Saturday weekly shop – after enjoying a ‘Cuppa and Cake’ or two!

Fairtrade is a movement for change that works directly with businesses, consumers and campaigners to make trade deliver for farmers and workers, and is represented by The Fairtrade Foundation.

Tower Hamlets ‘Cuppa and Cake’


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